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Published on Dec 1, 2017
A BBC Audio program talking about Zoroastrianism.

"Now have I seen him with my own eyes, knowing him in truth to be the wise Lord of the good mind and of good deeds and words." Thus spoke Zarathustra, the prophet and founder of the ancient and modern religion of Zoroastrianism. It has claims to be the world's first monotheistic creed and perhaps as long ago as 1200 BCE Zarathustra also said, "I point out the way, it is the truth, it is for all living". Truth is a central tenet of the religion which holds that people must above all do good things, hear good things and see good things. How was the religion established in Ancient Persia, what is its body of beliefs and how have they been developed and disseminated?

It's interesting to note that the earliest recording of Mithras in writing has been around since at least 1400 BCE predating Zoroastrianism by 200 years.

Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis
Farrokh Vajifdar
Alan Williams


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