The Book of Malachi

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Published on Dec 1, 2017
Today we study the book of Malachi and discover the truth about "tithing;" that it is NOT AT ALL what pastors, evangelists and churches have been teaching! We also see the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11, as Moses and Elijah, prophesied here!

Having the Mind of Yuhshua:

East Is East ... West Is West:

Understand What It Really Means to YAREY; to "FEAR" YHWH ... and what is the true interpretation of "The Lord of HOSTS"? :

The YIRAH; the "FEAR?" of YHWH Is the Beginning of Wisdom? "Fear" is wrong ... and here's why:

Understand what Malachi 3:10 is truly talking about! Watch Alan's 9-minute video about Tithing:

Also, you can read a short article Alan wrote about Tithing:

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