Polytheism In The Bible: Part 3 (gods winged flying disk. Hours, Zoroastrianism, etc...)

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Published on Dec 1, 2017
In this video series we look into the idea that the original hebrew of the bible says that there is actually many gods. We examine the claim that the hebrew religion worshiped many canaanite and pagan gods. Then over time they began favoring one of these gods and ultimately decided that there is only one Creator. We explore many pagan deities mentioned in the bible such as the horned god El or the fact that the original hebrew genesis 1:1 says gods in the plural (In the beginning the gods created the heavens and the earth)

In this specific episode we continue discussing the mesopotamian moon god Sin or (also known as Nanna) who is mentioned in the bible. We then discuss Shamash who is also mentioned in scriptures. This deity is one of the winged solar disk entities spoken about in many ancient cultures. These disks were either gods themselves or were used to transport them

List of all links used in this video

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