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Published on Nov 10, 2017
In 1999, Some Russian Researchers discovered a Map, which is 120 million Years old,
The researcher Named it "Daksha Stone" (His Grand daughters Name was Daksha)
According to them, the map was created by some advanced civilizations, they are still confused to mention about it.
But Indian Researchers claim, the Map Was created by "Prajapati Daksha"
Prajapati Daksha was the son of Bramha and Creator of Mankind"
They also called the map as "Map of Creator"
The map shows advanced civil engineering work. To create this map they need flying vehicles to survey the area.
And as we know, only Ancient Indian civilizations mentioned about Flying Vehicles like Vimanas.
Like this there are lots of mysteries available all over the world.
Mahabharata, ramayana Vedas are full of mysteries. Lots of mysterious facts are there in Indian Scriptures. Most of you would like to know about the mysterious facts in Ramayana, Mahabharata. Please check out our channel there are many more such type of videos are available.

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