Jon Courson Bible Study: The Book of Habakkuk (the prophet who wrestled with God in dark times)

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Published on Dec 1, 2017
Habakkuk was a contemporary of Jeremiah, prophesying while the Babylonians were rising to power in the east, and the kingdom of Judah was wallowing in godlessness and unrestrained sin. This also points directly to our times, as the last Christian nation on Earth, the USA, finds itself in exactly the same predicament. Pastor Jon Courson speaks to us from 1989 in a masterful exposition of this three chapter book, (, one of the Bible's many brilliant hidden gems. Habakkuk wrestles with God for permitting the whole nation to suffer and the people to be terrorized and pillaged, instead of acting more visibly and decisively to coerce the masses to WAKE UP, repent, and return to sincere faith. He wonders why God is not intervening, but instead is raising up Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon whose terrible Chaldean army will eventually raze Jerusalem and wipe the Jewish nation off the map. God answers him in the same way he is answering us today.

Follow along in the Bible here:

This sermon and hundreds more are hosted at, and particularly at I hope this sample will inspire you as much as Jon's teachings have appealed to me, keeping me sound in my doctrine and straight in my walk from the outset of my Christian life. If you are hungry, whether for milk or meat, you will want to browse through all of Jon's outstanding sermons and learned lectures (free audio and video streams).

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