From Jainism to Yeshu Khrist

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Published on Dec 1, 2017
"I was born in one of the high caste religions according to Indian religious system, I was taught that salvation is through right knowledge and pure life. I tried very hard to live a highly moral life but my conscious always condemn me for the wrong things I used to do.

But in Bible, Jesus Christ gives accurate analysis of human heart (my heart), he said out of hear comes evil thoughts (Matthew 15:9). Bible also says that no one is righteous, not even one. (Romans 3:10) After studying Bible rigorously, my eyes were opened to see that nothing good lives in me and if I die in my sins, I will parish eternally. But the person and work of Jesus Christ captured my heart and mind completely.

I realised that there is no hope of salvation for me outside the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ Jesus and so I cried out to him as my Lord and Saviour.

I believe that salvation can not be achieved through any religious system but can only be received as a gift in and through the personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray that God would touch your heart through my testimony and you might start thinking about your own salvation too.

May God bless you !


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