The Wisdom of Japan―The Way of Harmony and Gratitude 世界に誇る日本人の智恵-和と恩の精神

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Published on Dec 1, 2017
In the event, we sought to expound on the profound depths of the culture and spirit of Japan and to outline the Japanese aesthetic. Japan has struggled to successfully convey these bedrocks of Cool Japan despite strong interest from patrons of the arts in France and Europe, cultural and media opinion leaders, and others. We offered insights into Japan through the three themes of “The Wisdom of Japan―The Way of Harmony and Gratitude,” “Sharing the Essence of Cool Japan,” and “The Enduring Appeal of the Japanese Aesthetic.” Elements of entertainment were added by employing such vehicles as the world-acclaimed artistry of Japanese masters, manga and anime, and focusing on a number of key words and phrases, including “the spirit of wa,” “the syncretization of Shinto and Buddhism,” “wabisabi,” “mono no aware,” and “yugen.”

By bringing to light the spirituality, culture, arts, and other aspects latent in Cool Japan, we hope to help the Japanese better understand these aspects themselves and convey them to foreign audiences. We also hope to generate a “Japan boom” by further enhancing the added value of Made in Japan and strengthening it as a brand.


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