My "Religion" Explained: Agnostic vs. Athiest

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Published on Dec 1, 2017
Keep an open mind guys! Always remember, we don’t REALL “know” anything (lol I’d make a good philosopher).
NOTE: I was once Catholic, then I started praying to god, rather then Virgin Mary and I accepted Jesus as my savior. Over time I looked into other religions that were more spiritual like Buddhism. After learning about other religions and using my own brain and logic, I've came to the conclusion that anyone can be right or wrong. We don't know anything about afterlife until we die, and we don't truly know who's our god. That's why I chose to be agnostic. Agnosticism was my best decision. Keep in mind, I didn't wake up like this. I came to this conclusion through learning, experience, and the things I've seen. I grew into agnosticism, it wasn't a quick decision I've made.
No one chooses to be a certain way. We just are who we are.
I mainly spoke of Christianity because it’s a religion that’s constantly thrown in our faces in school, television, etc. I was even Christian myself. Christianity is one of the most common religions and takes up about 31.5 percent of the world’s population. I felt that it should be discussed throughout this video. I am NOT against Christianity, I don’t follow it because I find it, and many other religions, unrealistic and the history behind this religion makes it hard for me to worship. I’ll provide some sources that support my reasoning.

Types of Agnosticism:

Major World Religions Populations Pie Chart Statistics List (these statistics should give you a main idea on how many people believe in a certain religion, however I’m sure these percentages aren’t 100% accurate, but they should give you an idea):

PREACHER SAYS THAT THE BIBLE LIED?! (Listen to this; it should open your eyes a bit)

Lines in the bible about slavery (these lines support & justify slavery… it breaks my heart to read this. HOWEVER, there are lines that say enslavement is wrong, so don’t get too discouraged. But I don’t think slavery should be something that is supported AT ALL): (This one talks a lot about sexism too) (These are found in the New Testament… I guess the New Testament isn’t as angelic as we thought)

MORE videos that talk about Agnosticism
What’s the Difference Between Agnosticism and Atheism?:
Agnosticism Explained by Richard Dawkins:

REMEMBER: What you believe is YOURS to decide. Don’t let it be someone else’s decision.

My thoughts on Christianity:
One thing that used to scare me (now doesn’t) is the idea that if you don’t believe in god/jesus and don’t accept the lord as your savior (I did when I was a child… doesn’t matter now seeing how I’m not Christian) then you burn in hell for an eternity. I could be one of the greatest people alive, someone who has done so much good in this world, but could go to hell the very second I reach death simply because I don’t worship a man that has never showed himself in the first place (to me anyways). That idea in itself is evil to me and even if the Christian god was real, I cannot have that much respect for him for that reason. No one deserves to burn for an eternity. I can understand temporary punishment, even though burning w/ satan is a bit too far, but for an ETERNITY (meaning forever people…)?! That’s too far.

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