Let's Learn Go!! (Japanese Rule)

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Published on Nov 30, 2017
The app I used is IT Igo Free: http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/it-igo-free/id350072770?l=en&mt=8

Might-be helpful site to improve your skills: http://youtu.be/8xbPqjQecDQ

I heard the rules of igo in Japan and China (and maybe Korea? I don't know) are different. So, in this video, I am roughly teaching you JAPANESE igo.

And some people say the "origin" of igo is China, not Japan (which I know about), but I didn't say "Japanese original board game" but "traditional" board game. Don't nitpick it there.
I am not an expert or a historian of igo, nor have I ever done a research myself to make sure if China is the birthplace of igo or not. As I myself can't assure that, I don't say igo is a Chinese origin game or not. If you believe it is, go ahead. It doesn't matter to me. I just won't say anything about anything I am not sure. No side. It doesn't matter where it's from to what I did in this video - teaching the Japanese rule of igo.

For retarded-minded and close-minded people who cares nothing but only if the "origin" of igo is China, out of everything else that could be much more informative in this video, I shall give you examples to show you how "traditional" and "original" mean different. If you don't get the difference, you may comment about it. Otherwise, I will remove those "origin" comments since there're many already.

"English is an American traditional language." --- What this means is English is not America's ORIGINAL language, but since the colonists moved to the continent, the English language has been used there. So, it's TRADITIONAL even though it's only like 400-year long.

"Christianity is an American traditional religion." --- What this means is Christianity does not originate from/in the US, but it has been its (one of) traditional religion(s).

"Karaoke (the machine, not "singing long songs") is a Japanese original culture." --- Now, though singing along songs has existed probably when the first song was created in the world, it was Japanese who first made a machine to play instrumental music so we can sing along. (About the statement, if I'm wrong, I'll correct, so let me know.)

"Nihonto (Katana/Japanese swrod) is Japanese original weapon." --- This may differ depending on how you see "original." A form of weapon as a sword had existed before Nihonto (Japanese sword) was first created, of course, but the style of Nihonto is unique in Japan. It has a unique curve, one-edged blade, and how it's made is unique, too.

Now, I didn't say igo is Japanese original board game. F**k off nitpickers.

Let's "go" together~

P.S. As of 3.17.2013 I changed the title from "Let's Lean Go ~ Japanese Traditional Board Game" to the current one. After all I wouldn't want confusion.

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