Old Zoroastrian Scripture, about Maria,Jesus and the Sect Christianity

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Published on Dec 1, 2017
Avesta Zoroastrian Archives

Skhand Ghumanig Vizar(Doubt-dispelling exposition)

Chapter 15:
Criticism of many statements of the Christian
scriptures, showing their inconsistency, and that
some of them also admit the existence of a separate
originator of evil
Zoroastrianism is a much older Religion then the Sect of Christianity
600 b.chr
This Book is written 2000Years ago ,at the Time of Jesus birth

Mary meet with Joseph in Jerusalem and had sexual intercourse with him ,she were a Virgin before and never touched by any other Man and became pregnant from Joseph.
A Jew from Jerusalem and Neighbour asked Mary:"Whence is this pregnancy of thine?"
She answered"The pure wind brought the child to me!"
The Jews at those Times handled Sex (sexual intercourse without marriage) as a Dirty deed.
The Jews stoned every Girl who had sexual intercourse without being married before that ,to Death!
Mary lied about her pregnancy ,not to be stoned to Death by the Jews!
Allah said no matter that she lied because the Child she carry in her belly ,will be a Prophet from him and will mention His Name!
And so the Mercy of Allah became manifest upon Mary and Jesus
There is no Miracle birth from Jesus (Yoshua ben Josef, Son of Joseph), that Jesus was born without a Genetical Father!

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