Hinduism - Scientifically Proven Scriptures Of Lord Krishnas City Dwarka

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Published on Dec 1, 2017
Hindu religious scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Mahabharat & Krishna's existence are NOT mythology, but are fact. MUST WATCH!

India is the birth place of the oldest and still living religion and culture in the world, Hinduism. Hindu religious scriptures date back up to 10,000 years. Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism were also born in India, Buddhism's birth place is now in modern day Nepal. Jainism is believed to be over 5,000 years old. Buddhism is over 2,500 years old and Sikhism is over 500 years old. These four religious ideologies are peaceful.

Muslims have for centuries to present day tried and are trying to take over the world, with their religious ideology. They are still trying to wipe out other religions of this world. They only want their religion to rain supreme. Muslims DO NOT respect, understand and acknowledge other faiths. Although I feel I should respect other religions, due to the actions of Muslims over the centuries to present day, I am forced to point out some big facts.

Muslims claim their prophet of Islam Muhammad was a messenger of God and Islam's a peaceful religion. Really? Did you know Muhammad was a man who had 11 wives and also many concubines? Did you know his youngest wife he was having sex with was only 9 years old? Muhammad was further having sex with one of his wifes maids, behind her back. All this shows Muhammad was weak because he could not control sexual desire. This does not fit in with being a prophet.

Muhammad was a man who murdered 600-900 innocent, unarmed, surrendered Jewish men and boys. These boys were as young as 12 years old. Muhammad committed this evil act while the Jewish women (mothers, sisters, wives & children) looked on. They watched crying and screaming. Where is the compassion and love for all humans regardless of their religion? Again this evil behaviour does not fit in with being a prophet.

Muhammad spread Islam through violence and murder. Not through peace and understanding, like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Did you know Islam calls for the murder of Muslims who convert to other faiths? Islam allows/justifies the murder of women who commit adultery. The Quran says a husband can beat his wife (Quran 4:34). There are many non peaceful, violent and murderess versus in the Quran.

Muhammad was; A genocidel maniac, paedophile, slave trader, he tortured people, robbed Meccan caravans, cheated on his wives, ordered political assassinations and the deaths of those who left his religion.

If you are a prophet of God, you must live a pious life and set a perfect example for human kind. You must never lie, cheat, steal or murder innocent people. A prophet must be movingly compassionate, merciful and love other humans unconditionally. There is no evidence that Muhammad was a prophet, but their is plenty to say he was evil. Muslims have tried to keep these facts secret for centuries from non-Muslims.

Do you still think Islam should be followed and Muhammad was a prophet? Do you still believe following the teaching's of evil Muhammad is better than other faiths.

Krishna, Ram, Buddha, Jesus Christ & the 10 Guru's of Sikhism were not having sex with a child as young as 9. Neither did they kill innocent people just because they refused to accept their ideology. Neither does it say in Hindu, Jain, Buddhist or Sikh religious texts that a person can be killed merely for converting to another religion or for the crime of adultery.

Muslims believe their prophet Muhammad went to Heaven after he died. Really? Is Heaven a place where men who have sex with children go? Is Heaven a place where people who murder innocent people go? Murdered just for having a different ideology to themselves. Really? Are you Muslims sure? Think about that.

How more evil does Muhammad and Islam have to be, before the non-Muslim world wakes up?


Within 25-45 years most of Europe’s population will be Muslim unless we stop this. This is particularly true for France, Germany, Spain, Norway, UK and Sweden. This is partly due to the indigenous population having small families like 1-2 children, while the Muslim population are on average having 4 and more children. Also a contributing factor is relaxed immigration control and a large number of illegal immigrants entering into Europe.

Our leaders want us to think this is nothing to worry about and their’s nothing we can do about it. Both statements are untrue. We can stop this from happening by protesting and making a lot of noise. Speak out to your leaders, while we still have the freedom of speech and democracy. Tell the leaders that they should ban Muslim immigration and ban Islam in the western world. Do not give up, we can and will succeed.




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