3. RUSSIANS Were Hindu- Shocking Evidence Found.

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Published on Dec 1, 2017
Russia And India Both countries are of same Origins. Lots of Russian people Believe they belong to Vedic culture not European.
And that's why Russia is becoming close friend of India. Both countries are helping each other in developing Militiry and Weaponery Power.
In the history of mankind, many cultures have come and gone but Hinduism has withstood many challenges posed by the time and has spread all over the world. The secret of this success of Hindu(Sanatan Dharma) religion lies in the fact in its practical approach towards human life, belief in eternal truths, and modifications made without changing the basic beliefs
Lots of NASA acientists believe in Vedas, Now they are discovering vedic knowledge. Lots of russian scientists are studying on Vedic Culture and their connection to ancient civilizations. Please check out my other videos to know more about vedas and vedic science.
Vedic science is vast and beyong the limit of science. Vedas mentioned the "OM" sound thousands of year before and now Nasa scientist believe Sun hums Om sound. What do you think. Indian sanatan Dharma is the oldest in word.

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