Yoruba & The Orishas : The Demonization of Black Religion

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Published on Nov 30, 2017
Source: http://www.nairaland.com/781645/yoruba-mythology

Katib Abdul brings you knowledge from the H.C Temple of High Science on the root of all mythological and theological concepts the indigenous African religion of The Yoruba and The Orishas . European theologians, and those white's who support and perpetuate white supremacy via; history, and theology must be brought to light.


The H.C Temple of High Science will continue to deliver messages on the bases of African and Khemetian (Egyptian) religion in pursuit to make known the evil wicked nature of those who support White domination over history and theology in the western hemisphere, even though blacks BUILT AMERICA!

We are challenging all theologians and historians of all creed and colors , races, and religions come see the true knowledge of the world. Understand that every man and woman on this earth has his or her root in mother African...Enjoy Please let us have peaceful INTELLIGENT dialogue with one another no one is wrong in trying to reconcile, and collaborate, as we are challenging everyone's minds....

- HC Temple of High Science

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