False Prophets: The Bible Teaches Independent Investigation - Bridging Beliefs

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Published on Nov 30, 2017
A brief introductory study of Biblical approach to Prophetic claims. We examine the warnings for false prophets in the Bible, then see what Jesus and the Bible teaches about Prophets, and our duty to sincerely independently investigate, whether or not the Bahá'í Faith is true.
1. 0:39 Intro
2. 4:18 Warnings of False Prophets
3. 9:26 Independent Investigation of Truth
4. 17:18 Prophets are Coming
5. 26:42 prophets or Prophets
6. 30:02 Jesus is a Prophet
7. 36:40 Two Major Prophets to Come
8. 40:17 Investigating to Test vs Educating to Refute
9. 43:45 Exclusivism and "His Way"

Download MP3 and PDF here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/spt7xtcdu47w5bx/AAD3tIFpwGue9Fwj927lEjsya?dl=0

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