Recitation of Surah Fatihah and Last 10 Surahs: Imam Sheikh Sudais

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Published on Dec 1, 2017

Beautiful recitation of Surah Fatihaha and the last 10 surahs/Chapters by Imam Sheikh Sudais. The surahs are listed below...
1)Surah Fatiha
2)Surah Feel
3) Surah Quraish
4)Surah Maun
5) Surah Qausar / Kauther / Kausar
6)Surah Kafiroon
7) Surah Nasr
8) Surah Masadd
9) Surah Ikhlas
10) Surah Falq
11) Surah Nas

This video contains recitation of Holy Quran along with translation in english on the screen.
You'll love this recitation In'Sha'Allah


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