Robert Jenson - Lecture 2: The Tanakh as Christian Scripture

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Published on Dec 1, 2017
A lecture on the role of the Old Testament in the early church.

Robert Jenson is regarded as one of the most important theologians in the modern world. He received his Dr. Theol. from the University of Heidelberg in 1960. He began teaching and writing mostly philosophy, switching definitely into theology during his tenure at Oxford University. At Oxford, Jenson also supervised the doctoral work of Colin Gunton, who went on to become one of Great Britain's most distinguished and influential systematic theologians. Currently he is a professor of religion at the Center for Theological Inquiry at Princeton Theological Seminary.

David Bentley Hart on Robert Jenson:

"A year ago, I was interviewed by a small theological journal concerning a book of mine that had appeared a few months earlier. Near the end of the conversation, my interlocutor asked me if there was any modern American theologian whose thinking I thought especially fascinating, to which I answered Robert Jenson; he then asked if there was any American theologian with whose thought I myself found it especially profitable to struggle, to which I again answered, without a moment's hesitation, Robert Jenson. At this, my interviewer smiled abashedly and admitted that he had never read any of Jenson's work. I doubt the severest critic could have found fault with my extravagant show of alarm: How very extraordinary it was, I told him, that an American graduate student of systematic theology should be unacquainted with 'our' systematic theologian, and what dereliction it suggested on the part of his teachers, and what a very great pity it all seemed."


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