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Published on Dec 1, 2017
The Vedic religion is an ancient, intricate, and beautiful one. For thousands of years its texts have been studied, and its rituals enacted. It is in the rituals that it's survived the most, but that's where it heart always was.

Vedism is worth learning about on its own, but anyone who wants to understand any of the Indo-European traditions will want to know about it -- yes, it will help you figure out the Celts -- and if you want to know about ritual it's a great place to start.

These are the books I mention in the video:

Drury, Naama. The Sacrificial Ritual in the Śatapatha Brāhmaṇa.
Eggeling, Julius (tr.). The Satapatha Brahmana. Vol. 1:; vol. 2:; vol. 3:; vol. 4:; vol. 5:
Geldner, Karl Friedrich. Der Rig-Veda.
Keith, Arthur Berriedale. The Religion and Philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads..
Keith, Arthur Berriedale (tr.). Rigveda Brhamanas: The Aitareya and Kauṣītaki Brāhmanas of the Rigveda.
Kolhatkar, Madhavi Bhaskar. Surā: The Liquor and the Vedic Sacrifice.
Macdonell, Arthur Anthony. Vedic Mythology.
O'Flaherty, Wendy Doniger (ed. and tr.). The Rig Veda.
Sen, Chitrabhanu. A Dictionary of the Vedic Rituals.
Staal, Frits. Discovering the Vedas: Origins, Mantras, Rituals, Insights.
Whitney, William Dwight. Atharva Veda Saṁhitā (2 vols.)

Michael Witzel and S. Jamison's book on Vedic Hinduism:
There's more material from Dr. Witzel on his site: has a number of other texts, including Griffith's translation of the Rig Veda.

There is more about ritual and Indo-European religion on my website,

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