What's the best Messianic Bible? ✡ Introduction to our Review of Jewish & Hebraic Translations

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Published on Nov 10, 2017
WATCH HERE: http://holylanguage.com/translations.html

Introduction to Holy Language Institute's series reviewing Bible translations from Orthodox Jewish, Messianic Jewish, Hebrew Roots, and Sacred Name perspectives.

In this introduction, founding teacher Izzy lists 5 reasons translations are good, 5 reasons they're bad, puts in a plug for Hebrew study, encourages you with the biggest thing about Bible reading in any language, lists the translations in this review and the 20 questions he'll be answering, and explains from his own story why he gets emotional about Bible translations.

Translations reviewed in this series:
Artscroll Stone Edition Tanach (AST)
Koren Jerusalem Bible (KJB)
Jewish Annotated New Testament (JANT, in NRSV)
Jewish Study Bible (in JPS)
Shocken Bible
Alter Bible
Delitzsch Hebrew-English Gospels (DHE)
Complete Jewish Bible (CJB, also CJSB, JNT)
One New Man Bible
Tree of Life Version (TLV)
Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)
Archaeological Study Bible (in NIV or KJV)
Names of God Bible (in GW)
The Scriptures (ISR)
Aramaic English New Testament (AENT)
HalleluYah Scriptures
Hebraic Roots Bible
Restoration Study Bible (RSB)
Messianic Aleph Tav Scriptures (MATS)
Besorah of Yahusha (BOY)

Questions this series answers:
1. What's the name of the translation, who's the publisher, and when was it published?
2. Do you recommend it? How many thumbs? Primary or secondary?
3. If recommended, who's this translation best for?
4. What's this version's relationship with the Jewish people? Traditional Judaism, messianic Judaism?
5. Who translated it, and what's their story?
6. Where on the spectrum of literal to paraphrased? More word for word, or thought for thought?
7. How does it write Hebrew names?
8. How does it write the names and titles of God?
9. How does it translate words like torah, chesed, church, baptism?
10. How does it interpret the difficult words of Paul and Yeshua?
11. How does it interpret the messianic prophesies?
12. What does it have for notes, appendices, and extras?
13. Does it have the Tanach, New Testament, or both?
14. Does it also have the Hebrew text?
15. Are the books in the Jewish or Christian order?
16. Are the chapters and verses in the Jewish or Christian order?
17. Does it open from left to right, or right to left?
18. How's the general layout and navigability?
19. Summary of positives and negatives and who best for
20. If recommended, which formats can I get it in, and where?

WATCH HERE: http://holylanguage.com/translations.html


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